About me

I'm David Danko (1992), a hungarian self trained programmer, linux administrator and formally an electrical engineer. I'm highly impressed by the open source movement and Unix philosophy and still interested in electronics. I like to experiment with new technologies and develop useful utility softwares.

Self training

The most of the skills i have i learn on autodidactic way. There are two main branch of my interest: open source and software development and electronics. I involved myself into linux, C, java programming and constructing servers. It was a good hobby and fun way to learn while i built game, web and email servers.

Spoken languages

Hungary: It's my native language.

English: To be honest, i never learned english in school or other formal way of education. That's why sometimes i say or write something is fuzzy or sounds unusual. I try to express myself as simple as possible, in order to other non native english speakers can understand what i'm trying to say or explain.

German: I learn since elementary school and i have a B2 language exam, but i not practice german actively.


I get my first computer in 2000. I heard about linux in 2004 and impressed by the idea of a free (of charge) and open (to discover) softwares. I thought - and still think today - using linux is a good way to get a better understanding how operating system and computers works. Then i get my first success linux acquisition and installation in 2006. That followed a progressive period that ended in 2010, when i completely dropped Windows and since i use only linux as my main operating system.